Building and industrial products

Unimex Holding Ltd. offers a wide variety of building and industrial products, including:

  • Industrial valves and Flanges

    - Gate valves (Oval, Flat)
    - Globe Valves
    - Swing Check Valves
    - Stop and Check Valves
    - Float Valves
    - Foot Valves
    - Butterfly Valves
    - Strainers

  • Ductile or cast iron elements of pipelines, fittings, flanges, valves

  • Gasket sheets and plaited packings

  • Cylinders for technical gases, seamless for oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, as well as valves for all kinds of cylinders

  • Tools - hand tools, wooden planes, pick axes, machine tools, toolholders for threading, for ceramic inserts, turning tools, grinding tools, abrasives...etc.

  • Manometer valves and cocks and pressure gauges

  • Spare parts for Polish made equipment for power plants

  • Power transformers standard or toroidal with power rate 1,0 - 500 VA
Other groups of products:

  Wood, steel, glass and foodstuffs
  Medical and lab equipment, drugs and pharmaceuticals
  Catering and fire fighting equipment for hotels, stores, restaurants