Catering Equipment for hotels, restaurants, stores and fire fighting equipment

Unimex Holding Ltd. offers a wide variety of products required for providing catering services.

  • Catering equipment  (see images) for large scale kitchens, bars, canteens and hospitals including bread and food slicers, vegetable preparing machines, cooking kettles, super mini lines for bars, multifunctional kitchen machines, dish washing machines as well as machines for bakeries.

  • Refrigerators and refrigerated counters, (see images) freezers and elements of freezing chambers

  • Packing machines for all kinds of food products incl. vacuum packing (see images)

  • Glassware, tableware and table cloth

  • Washing and ironing machines

  • Shop, stores and bathroom scales (see images)

  • CO2 and powder extinguishers, elements of fire fighting systems, hoses, cabinets, safety and working clothes

  • Production of machines, parts and elements according to technical documentation or received sample on special request
Other groups of products:

  Building and industrial products
  Wood, steel, glass and foodstuffs
  Medical and lab equipment, drugs and pharmaceuticals