Medical and Lab equipment, drugs and pharmaceuticals

Unimex Holding Ltd. offers a wide variety of products from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Medical Apparatus (see images)
    - as electrocardiographs, apparatuses for general anesthesia, physiotherapeutic apparatuses, ultrasonographes.

  • Operating Theater Equipment
    - such as operating tables, operating lamps, electrosurgery units, operating microscopes, colposcopes, suction devices.

  • Hospital Furniture: (see images)
    - hospital beds, rehabilitation beds, child-birth beds, gynecological chairs, dental chairs with units, medical cabinets as well as washing and ironing equipment.

  • Medical Instruments (Surgical, Dental, Veterinary):
    - general surgery, bone surgery, gynecology, stomatology, orthodontic, micro surgery, veterinary.

  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment  (see images)
    - such as ultrasonic nebulizers, x-ray film viewers, steam sterilizers, germicidal lamps, sanitary cases, blood pressure gauges, centrifuges and water distillers.

  • Disposable Medical Instruments: (see images)
    - disposable syringes, needles, appliances for blood transfusion, appliances for transfusion of infusion liquids, colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy and colo-ileostomy bags, containers for preservation and preperation of blood, plaster of pan bandages fast setting, super lux artificial teeth, X-ray films.

  • Drugs - Human and Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

  • Furniture for Pharmacies

  • Organisation of Subsupplies
    - for above products manufactured on the basis of technical documentation or sample received.
Other groups of products:

  Building and industrial products
  Wood, steel, glass and foodstuffs
  Catering and fire fighting equipment for hotels, stores, restaurants