Cooperation and Subsupplies

Basing on possibilities of Polish industry we are concentrating our activity on organization of cooperation and subcontracting. The ongoing process of transformation and restructuring of the Polish machinery construction industry gives our foreign partners a unique opportunity to enter into cooperation contacts for delivery of parts, components and sub-assemblies for machines and equipment that they produce. A considerable free production capacity of Polish industry well equiped with machines, state-of-the-art technology and skilled, while still competetive in costs staff guarantees high quality of products. Now we are looking for foreign companies - manufacturers of machines and equipment for which Unimex Holding could arrange production and delivery to order:

  • parts, components, subassemblies for machines,
  • gray iron, steel and non ferrous metal casting (preferably machined),
  • bend or srawn metal sheet parts,
  • steel structures and tanks (including pressure tanks)
  • forging,
  • machining, soldering, welding services.

Proposed cooperation can increase efficiency of Your factory or workshop thus increasing competetiveness of Your products on the market.

Consulting, Agency Services and Imports

Present for many years on the Polish market and being present among Polish manufacturing, trading and consulting companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, Unimex Holding partners provide also the following services:

  • Organization of sales networks in Poland,
  • Preparation of legal forms of activity on the market, legal and financial opinions and analysis,
  • Preparation of business plans, providing information concerning foreseen sales of companies within the frames of privatization program,
  • Registering of products, names

The whole activity is conducted in cooperation with specialized legal, financial and promotion organizations and companies.

Agency Services
For the goods listed on these pages, Unimex Holding Ltd., is able to serve as agency company. On the basis of a written agreement we can act as an agent or distrubutor on exclusive or non exclusive basis.

On special demand and order we can arrenge import of any product belonging to our list of products and services.